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Interesting problem with session authentication
~Lex Xankitheroden 01/12/2004 08:49 PM
Domino Administrator 6.0.2 CF1 iSeries

I have created a secondary name and address book that I use to allow web users to authenticate with my servers. I have also turned on session authentication on my web server. I have a problem with a couple of people in my primary directory. These people cannot authenticate with the server when connecting through a browser.

Initially, I thought that they were not typing in their passwords correctly. I then changed their password and tried logging in through a browser myself using the password I had just changed. When this did not work, I looked at the properties of the person document in my primary directory. I noticed some odd fields listed in the fields. Among the odd fields includes one field named "o" (without the quotes)

When I look at the fields on the person documents in my secondary directory, these strange fields appear here as well, but these people have no trouble authenticating through a web browser. Has anyone else experienced this issue? It is becomming quite a large problem...I hope that someone can help me. Thank you!

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